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Love : Romances : Pleasures : Feelings : Emotions : Expressions


A wedding is once in a life time -a well-timed picture remembers that second of emotion,

beauty or love on your big day forever

At Luvpersecond, we capture a Love in every Second.


Luvpersecond : A Studio of Ash is founded by Ash (Arsh) Pairatana since 2014.

From architectural designer to wedding photographer, Ash has passion in the art of photography.

He love capturing the special moments, expressions and emotions especially happily moments in the wedding.

This ties in with his belief that the good photo can tells a story and be able to bring you to that beautiful moments.




Luvpersecond featured in Blissful Bride Issue 22 (July 2015)






Choosing the right photographer wasn’t easy, I had looked through hundreds of portfolios before I found Ash (from personal friends to highly recommended ones, I didn’t find what I was looking for). I was really particular about the type of wedding photos I wanted and only managed to find one that I really liked less than 1 month from my wedding.

Ash’s past portfolio will tell you about the type of photos you will be getting. Photos with emotions that will let you relive the day again. I’ve always wanted a journalistic approach to my photos and I got them.

I don’t know how he took those shots, but I highly think it boils down to passion. It almost seems there are multiple photographers around to capture the moments, he must have dashed around to get those pics.

A very sweet, easy to talk with person, he went all out for my wedding. A wedding is not just about the bride and groom, it’s a time for all the guests who attended as well. Thank you for being part of our wedding and capturing those moments. The raw emotions of our guests the and the atmosphere of the ballroom were all perfectly captured in 4K pixels and those are the memories that will live.

Wished we had taken a pic with you! Thanks for the amazing work!!!

Edit: My friends told me our photos had the ‘feels’ – great photos!

David+Valerie 18 March 2017


Ash’s photojournalistic style was perfect for capturing the highlights of our big day.

During the wedding, there were many details that we were not able to look closely at ourselves as we rushed about, but Ash managed to capture them which made the photos a lot of fun to look back on. The interesting perspectives captured through his lenses coupled with the professional colour editing also gave ordinary photos the extra touch. His quiet and unassuming demeanor as he went about his work made it a pleasure to work with him.

We will definitely recommend Ash to anyone who’s looking for more natural style of photography for their wedding day! Thank you Ash!! You truly exceeded our expectations

Felix+Elaine 25-26 February 2017


wedding M hotel 00088

Both Mervin and I would like to thank Ash for being our amazing photographer on our wedding day on 7 January 2017.

Before we engaged him, we met up and discussed about the wedding and he took time to find out what sort of photos we liked, including the colors/ filters used.

Although soft spoken, his work delivers volumes. Every shot that he takes is hard work! Our bridal party and us saw how he could go all the way down, lying flat to the ground just to capture great angles of us. It also help that he was able to give instructions for us to all look good! 

He is also a “ninja” photographer, able to capture moments that we weren’t aware of at all. The photos of our families and guests were great! Especially all the emotive angles that he managed to capture.

Ash also took photos of the wedding venue- something that I appreciate because the bride and groom typically don’t get to see what is going on during the banquet.

We like that he is also willing to try out some of our requests, such as taking a floor shot from the stage. He is very polite and easy to get along with. That is really important as both our external videographer and him were able to coordinate so well on the day itself!

One particular aspect is that he ensures that in every group shot (including huge ones), every face is captured. Some of my relatives commented that he is a perfectionist – no doubt about it.

A bonus is, the packaging of the thumbdrive that stored our memories is very nice! Ahah! Thank you Ash for being part of #mervrusayido! We never regretted getting you to cover our day. We hope you had fun too!

Keep your passion for photography going!

Mervin+QianRu 7 January 2017


Wedding at Halia 070

Thank you brother Ash for such awesome photos! Apart from wedding shots which are tastefully crafted, I love your candid shot so much!
From the start we look at your portfolio,we know right away that your photos are different. 
They are full of life and human touch, which cannot be easily found from the others.
I am looking at my wedding shots now, and they really bring me back to the memorable day with joy.
I wish all the best for you & your studio. Kob khun mak mak Krabbbbbb

Sun+Sharyn 5 December 2015

Ash is very dedicated and meticulousin his photography works. We had our wedding photos done by him. He was very professional and guided us to the right poses and positioning. Ash is very patient and tries his best in achieving the desirable effects. During the wedding dinner shot, he has a flair of bringing out the best smile of every guest in the photo. He is also very personalised; going through the flow of the day’s event and making sure that he gets it right. With Ash, we feel confident of our wedding shots turning up awesome. Thank you Ash! Keep up the good work and continue to excel and fly high

Damien+Pamela 30 October 2015


Thank you Ash for delivering our wedding day photos. He took note of what we have asked for especially the natural colours we wanted. He has a polished gift for journalistic wedding photography. He has an eye for detail yet knowing what’s next to look out for. He is able to capture many joyful expressions of our families and friends on our wedding day. There are so much precious moments that we didn’t know it happen during our wedding. With so many wedding photographers out there, we are very thankful to make the right choice to go for Ash. Thanks & all the best. May God bless your photography.

Alvin+SiJie 10 October 2015


Dear Ash, I hope you are well.

We just received the full set of pictures from my uncle, via my parents. and viewed them all. They are absolutely wonderful – we love your style and creativity in them! Thank you very much again – it makes our memories of our wedding reception dinner at the Raffles last even longer! If you would like us for any references, please let us know anytime!

Claudia+Jacob 5 September 2014

Meanwhile we have received your photos from our daughter’s wedding (Claudia & Jacob on the 05 September)

The pictures are very well taken. I am impressed about the sometime intriguing choices of motive and interesting angle that you have taken for some shots. Great job.

Claudia’s father 


Hey Ash, Thank you so much. You captured our special day so beautifully and your photography is really spectacular. Germaine and I are very thankful for your lovely photos. Hope to work with you again soon! bravo!


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